Sunday, January 31, 2016

DXV Top Secret 2016 Design Panel!

I am honored to be selected for the 2016 DXV Design Panel! DXV is American Standard's luxury brand. They select different designers each year to design vignettes showcasing their products in different themes. One photo from each designer will then be used for their national ads. 

This years select group includes myself,  Richard Anuszkiewicz  of Richard T. Anuszkiewicz from Baltimore, Beth Dotolo from Seattle and Carolina Gentry of Dallas of Pulp Design Studios, and Genevieve Ghaleb from Canada of XYContemporary

Our designs are due this Friday and then we will be flying to Minneapolis to meet with the design team. The process reminds me of set design. I'm pretending it's a fabulous movie set ( something I've always want to do ) with my favorite actors.  The themes are still top secret but mine is right up my alley. Here's a hint -  Miss Fisher.  

I was lucky enough earlier this year to do a quick ad for them with the theme Alice and Wonderland.My product was their new AT200 integrated electronic bidet smart toilet.  Check out my marble floor and wall design in the ad. Thank you Alys Edwards tile for the use of your product! 

My initial sketches were along the theme of painting the roses red. A large photographic mural of all white roses and one red. We ended with a living garden wall instead although I loved the rose idea. 

Follow along on Instagram @bridgetbeari for all the latest hints and pictures of the process.It is going to be amazing! 

#DXVtopsecret #DXVdesignpanel2016


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