Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bridget Beari Flagship Store in Mexico?

I've been asked to think about creating a Bridget Beari store in Tulum Mexico. Not only is it a budding area but the clients I have there need furniture and accessories that they can't find in the stores. We end up shipping everything over in containers and now that we are designing more houses it seems like a good idea. 

The property is very narrow piece of land next to a hotel. I can design the building from the ground up so I am looking at easy, green and unique structures. These are a few I found: 

Love the wood and the glass 

A unique triangular design

Open doors and shed roof on an angle

Corrugated steel siding

Love the idea of containers with port holes dressed in a fun color

A stucco pod with louver doors

Love the shape and door but needs to be bigger

This might be easier to heat and cool. It's hot down there! 

Love adding the wood. The black is so dramatic. 

Covering the container with a tent for shade?? Interesting...

Another beautiful stucco pod

Flip open doors on a container for an open air feel. 

Containers with added roofs and doors

A beautiful all green structure from Australia - living wall on the outside, solar panels on top

Corrugated steel structure with covered porch 

Container with a garden on the roof top

So many fun ideas to kick around. We will see where these idea take us…… Another Bridget Beari project to add to the ever growing list! 


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