Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 2 Highpoint Furniture Market

Big patterns with bold colors were on point in a variety of showrooms this Spring at Highpoint! 

Wesley Hall - dragon print
Did I mention the Judy juice cocktail? That was a kicker! 

Feeling very British in my Red! 

Speaking of British who couldn't use a real Goldfinger from Noir! 

I love the City Collection furniture - super stylish! 

More gold from World's Away! 

Loved the new Gabby showroom! 

Almost triple the size from the Fall. 

Arteriors never disappoints….

Palecek's new quill art! 

Met up again with the Design Tourist - Karen. I even played lighting girl - so fun! 

Awesome Chairs from our new friend Thom Filicia 

There's Thom just chatting in the corner! That's what makes Highpoint so much fun - design celebrities at your finger tips! 

 Loved these Jeffan pieces ….

And more gold from Made Goods - 

Well that's it from Highpoint. We have a short video coming so stay tuned….

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