Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The last pattern for the Naming Contest!

The jack pattern is the final pattern in this collection! There is both a large and small scale pattern so we have 2 names to select! 

Here are your choices for the large scale: 

a. Wah Wah
b. Ubetcha
c. Genevieve
d. Purdy

And for the small scale: 

a. Tinker Toy
b. Paw Paw
c. Winky
d. Keely

Thanks everyone who has been voting for these past few weeks. This is the last one so help us out with your votes here on the blog, Facebook or Twitter! 

Happy Wallpapering…..


Steve Bollinger said...

My first thought is Tinker for the small print,
The large one is a little difficult,the names don't fit the pattern

Susan Jamieson said...

Oh because it looks like a jack? Well it's actually from a iron gate. Does that help? Any suggestions?

Steve Bollinger said...

This might sound weird but every time I look at this pattern I think WiFi

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