Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Naming of the Second Pattern!

        Contest #2: Name this new Bridget Beari Wallpaper!

You know how we love our agate from our Richmond Designer House 2010. 3 color ways for this pattern are available. This one is our metallic color way. 

From all the names submitted here are your choices: 

A. Buscemi

B. Manolo

C. Weezie

D. Catalina

If these are your pets name send us a picture! 

Don't forget that all the new wallpapers easily coordinate with Bridget Beari Colors paints! 

Voting ends next Wednesday so vote for your favorite now - here on the blog, Facebook or Twitter! 

Happy Painting & Wallpapering …….


Steve Bollinger said...
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Steve Bollinger said...

Buscemi !

Susan Jamieson said...

Thanks for voting Steve. Chika is up for the next pattern.