Sunday, February 23, 2014

Naming Contest for Pattern #3

Here is Pattern #3, a dagger or feather design. This is one of our favorite patterns. The metallic color way is bananas! 

You can vote by leaving a comment here, on Facebook or Twitter! 

                       Your choices for names are: 

                         A. Chika
                         B. Loki
                         C. Bodhi
                         D. Ella
                         E. Giallo

                       Let the games begin! 


Steve Bollinger said...

Chickapee of course !

Susan Jamieson said...

I meant to change it to Chika for you so Look for the name change! Have your friends vote!

Linda Pakravan said...

Giallo or Loki.

Amy Thornburg said...

Gallo, but I love them all!

Steve Bollinger said...

I voted CHIKAPEE without even thinking,because I sometimes call her that !
Then came the realization ...
How did you know that ?

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