Sunday, February 9, 2014

Naming Contest for the New Wallpapers!

I am super excited that the Bridget Beari Papers are almost ready for sale! We have been working hard on patterns, color ways, boxes, and tags. A total labor of love! 

So here they are….. 6 patterns with 2-4 color ways of each. Of course each color way matches directly with a Bridget Beari Colors paint so painting and wallpapering a room will be easy. 

                                                                    Our Metallics! 

Our Brights! 

Our Neutrals!

                                There is just one final piece missing….. 


As you know all the names of the paints are from dogs, cats, horses and birds from fellow clients and friends so I thought I would follow the same trend with the wallpapers. Bridget Beari Colors gives 10% of the revenue from the paints back to shelter or rescue groups and we will do the same with the Papers. 

There was such big response on Facebook for names that I decided it would be fun to have a contest and let you guys pick the best name for each pattern! 

Here is the first pattern:   A trellis pattern derived from a wall design in LA. Classic and bold - perfect for a dining room,  powder room or even a ceiling. 

Choices for names: 

1. Hallas

2. Bali

3. Paw Paw

4. Keebet

You have until next Friday to vote for your favorite either by Facebook or commenting on the blog. If these are your pets, we would love to have a picture to go with the winner. I know "Bali" is my cousin Brian's golden - I love the videos of Bali in the snow! 

If you want to submit your pet's name for the remaining patterns do so on Facebook or the blog. We will add names to the list! 

     Good Luck to all the animals and their owners! 


Susan Jamieson said...

Bali and Keebet are tied! Keep the votes coming!

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