Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bridget Beari Color Rule #61

Paint In Order

Before you start painting a room always remember the proper sequence to keep from messing up areas that you have previously painted. 

So you have purchased your paint, a guide for how much you need to spend per room is shown in the chart below. It is always important to have the correct tools for the job. 

Thank you This Old House for these photos …..

This is your guide once you start: 

#1 Start with the ceiling

#2 Walls

#3 Doors

#4 Finish with the Trim

If you follow this rule your paint project should go smoothly! 

On the walls - always cut in the ceiling with a brush and then use a roller in a W stroke to fill in the empty space. Work in 3' X 3' sections only. Finish with a vertical stroke to even out the walls. 

If you make a mistake the follow these rules: 

Drips on the floor: Remove latex with a water-dampened rag; use mineral spirits for oil paints. Scrape dried blobs with a utility knife.

Bubbles on drywall: Pop and scrape off with a putty knife. Then sand the area with 330-grit paper, tack it with a damp cloth, and use a foam pad for touch-ups.

Lap lines on plaster or drywall: Repaint the area, applying light pressure on a roller that has soaked up only a quarter of a full load of paint.

                                Happy Painting…….

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