Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bridget Beari's Fall Fashion Pick!

Bridget Beari's Fashion Pick for 2012:
The Cape! 

Capes were on the fashion scene last year but I didn't find the right look for myself. I opted for the long vests and wraps but this year I'm loving the cape look! 

Maybe it is the need to be like a super hero! I even feel like one with all the projects we have taken on this year .. Richmond Designer House, Bridget Beari's 3 new paint lines- Modern, Exotic and Metallics, and the new fabric line not to mention the fabulous design projects!

I'm ready to make a move and buy a cape this year. There are so many good choices. Do you have a favorite? 

Rachael Zoe has a few to choose from in a more military style with the double breast front. 

Love the leather trim - sort of a cream/grey. 

Another Rachael Zoe in knit. 

I'm digging the flowy hood kind too. 

More of a wrap

Super Chic

Add a little faux fur

Classic and cozy

Love this one!!!!

Love the color and the style of this one too. I think this is my favorite. 
So what do you think ..... yes or no to the cape? Is it a style you can rock? I'm thinking ...

Happy Shopping......

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