Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #46

Bridget Beari Color Rule:

Bring on the Bling! 

I love working with metallics in a room. Whether on a wall or a piece of furniture, metallics give the room a reflective quality and bounces the light from one area to the next. 

We are excited to announce that coming this summer will be our Bridget Beari Metallic line of paints - silvers, golds, coppers, pearl essence and more! 

Look at how these designers used metallics to enhance their designs. 

I love the minimal design of this bathroom. The metallic walls create a modern and clean look. Too much metallic in a room can be overkill unless you keep it minimal. 

Painted furniture from Wisteria

Metallics with a glaze for furniture from Froufrugal

Mixing metallics can add even more highlights to a room. Here they have mixed a gold and a silver! 

Photo by Remodelista

If you want to add a touch of bling, try a stencil. 

Photo from Apartment Therapy

How about a gorgeous textured wall in metallic! 

Photo by Amy Murray

Tip: Take old mixed matched tins and spray paint them. See the Cynthia Shaffer blog for complete directions. How about using a metallic!!

Happy Painting .......


Diane said...

thanks for show casing the many uses of metallic paints! As a decorative painter, I especially love using them in layered wall finishes like the ones you have shown. Metallics never seem to go out of style.
Diane Williams
art to Di for

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Diane - what is your favorite brand of metallic paints?