Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bridget Beari Travels to Hotel Unique

Bridget Beari Travels to: 

Hotel Unique

I love this hotel in Sao Paulo Brazil designed by Ruy Ohtake. The half pie shaped hotel is made of concrete and copper. The gives off this wonderful blue - green color.  

Gorgeous interiors - big and bold like the belly of a ship. The details are stunning like the cut-out in the door. 

Beautiful library! 

The end rooms have this wonderful curved floor - how ingenious! 

The round windows are like portholes. 

An interior shot of those portholes. 

This is the bar they call "The Wall" for obvious reasons. I love the scale! 

A very unique hotel and well worth a stop or a visit. Check out this hotel and others from:

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Muhammad Amjad said...

Its totally different deign to other hotels but so cool love it.Hotel Design