Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bridget Beari Picks From High Point - Day 1

Bridget Beari Picks from the Highpoint Furniture Market Day 1

I love going to the furniture market even though it has been about 20 years of attending each fall and spring. I always see something exciting that gets me bumped up for a new project. 

Here are my highlights from yesterdays adventure: 

Noir moved down to the first floor and they have a much bigger showroom. It was our first stop and it was a hit. 

Love this settee

Love the mix material bookcase

Next stop was Selamat Design. I have seen these before but they looked really great in the display this year. 

The next stop was Regina Andrew. I love these sconces for a beach house in Florida that I am designing. 

I loved these chairs from Gabby

Linen and wood chests

World's Away had these great green glass chests. 

Bar carts were huge. This was one of my favorites in the gloss green. 

Great colorful ottomans. 

New vendor alert:   Lucy Smith had these great metal tables. Notice the yellow painted one in the mirror. 

Dransfield Ross is always a hit for table linens. 

Beautiful Greek Key hand towels

Fabulous ribbon pillows

Mr. Brown is a division of Julian Chichester. I loved this table for the Florida house. 

These lanterns are great - mother of pearl. 

Elizabeth Lucas - artwork

Natural Curiousities  leaf art. They had a cool swing in their showroom. 

Ceramic diffusers from Zodax

Great swivel rocker from Luna Bella- surprisingly comfortable. 

Sunpan had rattan swivel rockers 

Sun Chaise 

Cyan Design had this mirror. 

Tall planter

Phillips Collection  - these flower/mirror wall art

Caracole had some great pieces including this mother of pearl inlayed bed. We had a great lunch at Caracole too - Thanks Caracole! 

J. Douglas had lamps with great trim details

even the inside of the shades were covered in patterns

Design Legacy had this cool chrome and Greek key chair

Lowcountry Originals  - great chandelier for over an island or table. 

A great swedish armoire from A. Tyner Antiques in the Antique and Design Center section of market. If you follow me on twitter you know that is where I ran into Thomas O'Brien.

Oly was our last stop of the day - loved this flower mirror. 

Happy Market Shopping.....


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