Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #39


                           Bridget Beari Color Rule: 

                          The Many Faces of Brown

Brown has so many color cousins: khaki, mocha, carmel, buckskin, chocolate, coffee and more..... It is hard to tell the difference between the colors. Brown is made from the 3 primary colors - red, yellow and blue therefore most colors go with brown. Browns come dark and light. The light tones are the khakis, cafe au laits, and caramels. Mostly leaning toward yellow or green. The need a well lit room in order to show the true color.

Photo from Martha Stewart

The dark tones are the mochas, chocolates and buckskins. They tend to have more red and blue to make the rooms cozy and comfortable. They work great with a pop of a bold color as an accent or help to balance a pastel like pink. 

Photo from Real Simple

For a dark brown try: Bridget Beari Colors

Bailey Brown No.76

Brown is a great companion! It goes with everything. 

Photo from Belgian Pearls

      Tip: The easiest way to calculate how much paint you will need for a room is to multiply the height of each wall against its width. One gallon covers approximately 400 sq. ft. Add 10% for touch ups. 

                                   Happy Painting.....

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