Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #37

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 

Pastels require a balance of soft and strong tones. 

Happy Easter, everyone! Are you sick of all the pastel colors? I loved this basket of decorated eggs because they are not your typical pastel easter colors. These are from: 

Decorating with pastel colors in a room can be overwhelming as well. The first tip is not to pick everything in one tone on the color chart. You need to start with a light color and build on that idea. See how the light wall color works perfectly with the stronger headboard blue!

I am generally not a fan of the 2 color scheme rooms but here the crisp nature of the white along side the turquoise and green is very pleasing.  
 This room is from CBB Interiors

This pink room does the opposite. Here most of the pink tones are similar but the reason this works is the addition of the black artwork, accessories and even the gold rug. These darker tones enrich the pink walls so it doesn't float away from your eye, it grabs your attention. 

For some great pinks try: 

French Fry Potato No. 9                            Cat Nip No.12

Again here the pastels are in balance by using the strong orange accents along with popping that chartreuse around the windows. They cooled it down a hair as well with the addition of the light blue glass and the stripe in the rug. GORG! 


                       Tip:  This stuff really works to get scratches out of furniture! The
                                                              trick is to find it!  You can order it from: Amazon

Happy Painting......

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