Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #20

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


Start with textiles first!

By textiles I mean a fabric, wallpaper or carpet, I find this is the easiest way to start a room design. That said, it does not mean it is the only way. You can be inspired by anything... a painting, an object or a feeling. 

If you start with a fabric like the ones I will show below, you can pick colors that complement the fabric or contrast with it. 

This is Kravet's Kapaa Akuatik outdoor fabric from Windsor Smith. 

I would pair this with:

Verdi - a green and create a green and turquoise scheme. 

Verdi No. 35

Or Piggy a stronger color than the fretwork for contrast. 

Piggy No. 49

This Moroccan inspired fabric by Schumacher called Nasrid Palace Mosaic showcases three vibrant colors. Any of these could be used as a wall color or even a white. 

The navy as an accent wall if you did not want the room to be too dark. 

Inka Dinka No.42

Or any of these 2 blue greens. 

Maddy Tingy No. 46

Piggy No. 49

Or even white for a crisp clean look. 

Snowball No. 2

Here is another fabric by Schumacher with a bold graphic pattern in bright colors and neutrals - Zenyatta Mondatta.  I love accenting bold patterns with neutrals instead of matching. Remember Rule #15 don't be a Miss Matchy - nothing could make a room more boring. 

A khaki and white room can be a great base for bold patterns and colors. 

Chase No. 63

Tooley Taupe No. 64

Shelby No. 8

Sidebar: I have told you about most of the names. There are 4 here that are new: Shelby - a client's Australian shepard dog.  Maddy Tingy - my nickname for Madison my dog. She is a mix of pit bull and Dalmatian, at least that is what the vet says. We think she looks more like a pointer. Chase  - my across the street neighbor's dog that we always rescue when he escapes. Tooly Taupe another nickname for Lulabelle. Tooly Lully! 

Tip: This is a green tip for St. Patrick's Day. You can save tons of $ by making your own hand soap. A regular soap costs $5.00 for 12 oz. This recipe makes 128 oz. for $3.50. Now that is saving. Check out this link for the recipe from: 

Happy Painting .....

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