Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rule #18

Bridget Beari Color Rule: 


Create the Look with the Trim Color

I think that selecting a trim color for a room is one of the singular most important steps in creating the look. I am not a believer in matching a trim to the wall color i.e walls are blue so the trim needs a blue undertone. The trim is there to enhance the design whether that be the moldings, doorways or the walls. 

This rule may lead us back to the "Create a Mood" rule but this is where your paint colors can make or break your scheme. 

This is one of my favorite photos. The key to this color scheme is the white trim - no blue undertones or grey or cream just a brilliant white. Only this color will create the graphic edge this hallway needs. 


Photo from Traditional Home

If I am trying to pick a paint trim color for this room below, I would hesitate to make the trim bright white because it would loose its softness. I would choose, as they did here, a dirtier white in grey not cream. You want to enhance the pink walls not take away from them. 

The moldings are big and bold so you want them to stand out not blend into the walls. The draperies are also perfect with the wall color to give that elegance and feminine feeling. 

In contrast the malachite walls in the jewelry store below have a colored trim. How different the walls would look with a cream trim to match the background. The walls are gorgeous and are perfectly highlighted by the soft grey. Not a direct match but soft enough to fade away and dark enough to become one with the malachite walls. 

photo of Mish Jewelry Shop images by Salon Saloniste

Picking a trim color is key to enhancing your design scheme. Always think your look through to the end. What am I going for.... graphic, soft, bold. These adjectives will help you achieve your goals. 

               Tip: With all these beautiful rooms, we better keep our silver polished! Did you know that you can clean your silver with white toothpaste or baking soda. 

                       Happy Painting......


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