Monday, February 27, 2012

Bridget Beari Color Rules #1

Bridget Beari Color Rules: 

With the Fine Paints of Europe paint line and now another manufacturer has asked me to do a paint line for them, I am quickly becoming the true "Queen of Color." 

So I am starting a new series called Bridget Beari Color Rules! Although I am not a believer that design should be restricted by rules, my readers and clients always ask for guidelines in terms of choosing colors so I have decide to write them down. Here we go.....


Use Unexpected Color Accents

If you are afraid to paint a whole room a bold color, try using accents of bold colors behind a bookcase, on a ceiling or on door. 

Here I used Bella No. 41 to create a bold statement within the white bookcase ( Snowball No. 2). The accessories stand out with this color choice. 

Check out our other accent colors at Bridget Beari Colors


Bella is a cat ( no longer with us) She showed up in our yard with her baby and she decided to stay. We named her Bella from the movie the Croupier which is French for card dealer. The heroine was Bella and her boyfriend was Jacques-O. She was brave and bold with a perfect purr! 

Snowball was a cat from my childhood. Obviously white! 

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