Monday, January 30, 2012

Did you see Mildred Pierce?

I just rented last season's Mildred Pierce from HBO. Of course I knew nothing of this until the Golden Globes. They changed the story from the original 1945 film but it was quite addictive like Downton Abbey. 

One of the most interesting pieces was the making of the film. Filmed mostly in NYC but made to look like LA. The interior design in the houses was interesting as well. Mildred redecorates the Beragon Mansion. Also the costume designer talking about how women in the 30's had 4-5 dresses - house dress, work or church dress and evening dress. Interesting how that would never work now. 

Evan Rachel Wood plays a real vixen! 

The original film in 1945 stared Joan Crawford. It was more of a murder mystery but I loved the houses especially the beach house. This beach house was much more elaborate than the HBO one. Watch them both! A real treat!

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