Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bridget Beari Colors Launch Party!

The Bridget Beari Colors Launch Party was Friday night at the Rue. It was a great night. Fabulous food from Jeffery at Hazel Ruth, beautiful flowers from Jonathan Janis, monogram BBD cookies from Westhampton Bakery, David Whaley's beautiful poster,  graphics and more! 

The walls of the Rue are painted in 5 BBD Colors - Joe's Java, Pig Pie, Velvet Paw, Pia,  Maddy Tingy, and Echo on the ceilings! They were the stars of the evening. 

Clients, design friends, friends, contractors, architects, garden designers, artists were all in attendance. 

Jeffrey the caterer with Anne Wilkinson, lighting designer from Shades of Light

Beautiful orchids and food display from Jonathan - yummy pate!

There's Stephanie, the owner of the Rue! Blond in the black dress and Rick Holtz from Holtz & Son painting contractors. 

Me with Sarah Rowland, my fabulous graphic designer and collaborator on many things and Steve Humble, a client. 

The crowd!  

Food table! John from Fine Paints of Europe in the background. He gave a wonderful toast to me and the BBD brand! 

Our custom cookies with the BBD logo! Yummy too! 

Our custom candles! Thank you to Sherma and Joe for the video and photographs!

Cookies! Many complements on the champagne too - Perrier Jouet, grand brut.  My fav! We drank every last bottle! 

Me with the girls from the Rue! The Rue looked great - thank you girls for all your hard work! 

The star of the night - BBD Colors! The fan decks were flying out of there! 

Thank you to everyone you came and those from all over the country who sent well wishes when they could not attend. It was everything I hope it would be to launch this wonderful new chapter for BBD! I am very grateful and humbled by all the wonderful and kind comments from everyone. The toast were lovely and heart felt especially Joyce's, a client from 15 years ago, cute story of how I came over to pick colors at her house - Classic!  

If you missed a chance to purchase a deck, we can visit the BBD color website in order to purchase one!


Anne Blackwell Thompson said...

It was a fabulous evening! Congratulations! I was besotted by your beautiful hues!

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

I did not have a chance to talk to you. Thanks for coming. I wanted to tell you I love the new botanicals!