Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visiting Luray Caverns

We took a day trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and Luray, Virginia. This is the home of the natural wonder the Luray Caverns. I had never been there as a child and we had the nieces for the weekend. It was also cool  - a constant 50 degree temperature in the cavern which beats the 102 temperature in the city. 

I was actually amazed at out large the cavern is. I thought it would be one or 2 rooms but a full hour of walking through the caverns was impressive. I kept thinking about the show "I should not be alive" What if someone fell in a hole  - how far down does it go? The explorers found Native American bones down there - did she fall in? 

This is a shot from Skyline drive. 

The formations were amazing. They took forms of cake frosting, drippy sand castles, faces, ice cream cones. It was like looking at clouds. 

The caverns were founded by Andrew Campbell in 1878. I can't imagine exploring caves with candlelight. 

Davey Jones beard from Pirates of the Carribean? 

The reflecting pool! 

The wishing well was cool as well!  They donate all the money to different charities each year. 

The organ which played notes by tapping rubber mallets on the stalactites. 

We stopped at this country store for gas and refreshments! Love the bear! 

What is " moisturized Chicken"? Did they mean moist or basted? It just sounded gross but we were too afraid to ask the store owner as to offend them. In the chickens defense, it smelled and looked good! 


cgooddesign said...

Luray is one of my favorite parts of the Shenandoah Valley. Glad you had a great time.

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