Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I Love!

Things I Love

These are the 9 things I love!

1. Chinese Sharpei dogs. I have had 3 Sharpei's  - 2 pure and 1 mix. There are just the cutest things! Even the company is named after one of them " Beari"  A Sharpei was in the Best in Show at Westminister this year! Westminister

2. Porsche - Boxster convertible in white of course.

3. Daniel Craig ( I don't love him in a stalker way.  I just like to look ) Who can resist James Bond? On facebook there is even a fan site for " A Daily Dose of Daniel."

4. Child Perfume I have been wearing this for years.

5. Chan Luu bracelets. It is the start of my new Boho look - curly hair and all.

6. Raw Food. Sarma is my inspiration and raw food goddess. One of my favorite places to go is her restaurant in NYC - Pure Food and Wine and her store One Lucky Duck.  I was totally into raw and was 80% raw for 8 months. I really want to get back to it.  I love juicing. The best energy drink is kale, avocado and lemon. A must have is a Vitamix

7. Gucci purses. I love this orange one for spring.

8. Of course, my ipad. How did I live without one?

9. Clothes by catherine malandrino. I bought some great tops for spring.


quintessence said...

Lots of fun inspiration!! Love Daniel Craig as well - did you see him in Defiance? Great movie very different from Bond. And love the bamboo handle Gucci's - have several old ones but orange looks very tempting!!

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Yes - I saw the movie. Daniel was as good as ever. Thanks for commenting.

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