Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WIne Bar

I never was a big fan of wine bars UNTIL NOW!!
The Secco Wine Bar in Carytown is the creation of Julia Battaglini the owner and Tim Berelka the executive chef. Secco describes themselves as a "European style eatery for exceptional everyday dining." It is so much more than just wine. The cheese selections and the food are out of this world good. 

When a bar is crowded at 5:30 ( waiting line ) then you know it is good or they are serving $1.00 drinks!
The wine selection is long as well as the beer selection. They are connected with the River City Cellars next door and every party I have had they have selected the best wine! 

The bartender was more than helpful in selecting the right cheese to go with our choice of Persecco.

This our cheese selection plate: 
Montenegro Spanish blue cheese
Cobadonga from Spain
Midnight Moon from Holland

The blue cheese was so good that my friend's comment was " you could role around naked in that stuff!" 

They have a wonderful menu and everything was Delicious!

This is the tuna - FAB!

It is a great place to meet with friends but the place is small. I think the front sofas are the place to sit! I hope to see you there soon. CHEERS!

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