Monday, August 9, 2010

Eating at Matisse

After a long day of installing a job in Maryland, we decided to stop and eat in NW Washington, DC. 495 S was a mess and there was no reason to sit in traffic. Not knowing anything about the restaurants I stopped only based on looks and what a surprise! 

The restaurant was called Matisse, after the French painter I assume. We were seated in the prime window spot and the weather was perfect. 

The best bottled water ever!

Much to my surprise the restaurant was designed by Thomas Pheasant, no wonder it looked so good. Check out this iron sculpture!

Cool light fixtures!

Fireplace screen!


Joe worked hard all day so he deserved a good bottle of wine and it was very good. 

My lobster salad - out of this world good!

Joe's lamb chops - bone sucking good!

This a great place to try. Good food and good service! We made it back to Richmond by 11:00 pm and I was off to Mexico at 8 am! WHEW!

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