Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello L.A.!

On the way back from Maui, we made a stop in L.A. for 4 days. I needed to check out the Design Center or the Blue Whale for furniture for the Mexico job. I love to stay in fun hotels. They are a great way to find inspiration from the top designers. For this trip we chose the London West Hollywood. Designed by David Collins of London and the restaurant is owned by Gordon Ramsey, world renown chef. He also has his own show - Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen.

This is one of the hallways to the restaurant. You may recognize it from an Usher video.

I was surprised at how dog friendly L.A. is. The hotel guests included many of our canine friends from pugs to a mastiff! I guess that is what all the bulldog door stops were about.

Roof top Terrace and pool.

This was our bathroom in the room: Waterworks fixtures, Carerra marble and tile. The mosaic was a little hard on the feet. The curved shower walls were cool.

The tub was huge! I could lie down head to toe -like a coffin!

This was our suite: Maya Romanoff wood wallpaper on one wall, modular sofa, lime green lacquer cabients, velvet mixed with vinyl or faux leather.

The bed was comfy but not as much as the Viceroy bed by Kelly Wearstler.

This is the main dining room. Mixing pink embossed vinyl and chocolate velvet. Check out the gold shutters. Chinoserie type wallpaper with gold threads. Mixing powder blue with pink, chocolate and gold.

Plaster work ceiling:

This is the wallpaper with the gold threads around the monkeys.

Parquet floors in a white wash over a stain.

Curved sofas facing right and then left.

Powder room in white and chrome.

Bar: Calcutta Gold bar. Gold shutters again. Funky hanging lights.

thick top with blood grooves:

Private dining area. The food was great too!


Zarita said...

Thanks for the photos. I go to LA often but haven't stayed there, will try it next time. I love the black and white mosaic bathroom.

Anna said...

Nice Reading. Thanks

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