Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food Spots in Maui

After researching restaurants and talking to the locals, I think I can say I found the best food spots in Maui!

First on the list is Mama's Fish House. It was so good we went there twice. The restaurant is right on the beach. No windows but open air seating within the restaurant. If you can get a seat at the front, reserve or request one. It is like you are eating on the beach.

This is your view! You can't get better than this.

My new favorite drink "Queen Emma". Rose champagne ( which took forever to find but I brought 2 bottles back) mango liquor, frangelica, sprite splash! I think I had 2 at the restaurant and 2 back at the hotel after I taught the bartender how to make them.

Fresh oyster with mango salsa.

Lobster and crab stuffed Mahi - encrusted in macadamian nuts. The house speciality.

Ceviche in a coconut. I forgot what the potato chip like thing on the side was but it was good too.

The next spot was Cafe Mambo. This restaurant was in Paia down the road from Mama's. After a curvy ride down the road to Hana, I wasn't in the mood to eat but this was too good to pass up. Very causal atmosphere.

The best thing was the duck fajitas - YUM! The lamb tagine was good too but nothing compared to those fajitas.

The third restaurant to note was Humuhumunukunukuapuaa which is actually the name of a fish. You can call it Humu for short. This restaurant is at the Grand Waliea hotel. Beautiful sunsets so get there early.

This is the Pupu platter: scallops ribs, sushi tempura

This was the hamachi with shaved ice - excellent!

The grand prize was the 3 lbs. spiney lobster.

And of course the sunset!

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