Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crystal Princess Palace

Check out our renovation of a master bath. The client was so thrilled she now calls her bath " the crystal princess palace." It has become almost "famous." By combining the Statuary marble with the ice turquoise colored wallpapered walls, I was able to create a calm soothing retreat space. The vaulted ceilings also help to enhance the grandness.

By adding the crystal chandelier, we were able to create a sense of elegance and formality.

The custom vanity works as the beautification table while the sink side is more utilitarian or as my clients says the mummification side ( you know creams and things..)

The addition of the clover ottoman in the warm chenille pattern softens the room. It is a great place to layout your clothes or chat with a girlfriend while you are getting ready for a party.

Creating those unique spaces like this master bath is our goal at Bridget Beari.


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful bathroom! I think a chandelier in a bathroom is the ultimate luxurious touch.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

I love chandeliers too. Especially when you have a great space to show them off.

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