Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jeffrey Bilhuber's Designs

I am writing an interior design book about my own style. I like to look at what other designers have done so while at the book store I stumbled across this book by Jeffrey Bilhuber, a New York interior designer. His style is classic and clean. He has a great sense of color and pattern mixtures. I love the subtly of the designs.

His book is interesting because it is both a how to and a showcase of his designs. I have been struggling with the "how to section" of my book. How many " How to" books can there be! I think I have a great title and very specific things to say that make me unique. Does anyone have any advise on what they would like to see in an interior design book?

But back to Jeffrey. Take a look at these fabulous interior shots.


Robert said...
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Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

There are great! I love finding designers that are inspiring.

Usman Butt said...

Its FUN! very attractive design

Usman Butt said...

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