Saturday, August 16, 2008

Garden Room

I had a beautiful climbing hydrangea on an arbor that extended off my patio. Unfortunately the hydrangea died and the arbor looks bare. I have decided to change the whole look. Instead of an arbor, I was thinking a garden room. Maybe not as elaborate as these but I think I will incorporate some of the elements.

The glass walls, columns and cupola are appealing. I love the way the windows tilt open at the bottom.

My space already has a sectional sofa. I think the room idea will really make the space more appealing in the fall and spring. I like the pediment above the door. The glass roof would be hard to clean so probably the tin roof is better.

I'll post my sketches and the final results as they develop!


Patricia Gray said...

I can hardly wait to see what you are planning!

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

I should take a picture of the before and after. There should be a big change. I loved reading about your trip to Italy. Ciao!

中島 彰信 said...

Beautiful garden room. I want to look in the room.