Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to use black and white?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Working with black and white can be difficult. The color combination is bold and graphic. This creates a problem for some because the print, fabric or wallpaper can dominate a room. I used the black and white Clarence House print in this living room as an anchor for the design. The bold black and white print on the wing chair and pillows help carry the eye from one side of the room to the other.

By painting the wicker sofa black, I continued the black and white scheme and the black paint also helped to anchor the room. The slipper chairs are upholstered in a tan and black check. This continues my black scheme but I am softening the white with subtle shades of cream and khaki. Khaki walls and sheer silk linen draperies complement the graphic pattern of the print.

The drapery tiebacks were made from a plaster mold. The client had 2 from an aunt. We loved them and had them copied to be used as tiebacks. The treatment was soft and light. I thought it provided just enough coverage on the windows and gave just enough drama.

The Stark sisal rug in the natural and black diamond pattern continues my black color scheme. I bordered the rug in a black and gold velvet to encompass the room with a defined border.

Working with black and white can be challenging but always remember to balance the room. Subtle surprises of color or pattern and calculated editing are the most important parts of design a room.


lilacsky said...

I love the black and white chair - it stands out from the mahogany hues, and the rug, too - a quiet yet elegant design. For black and white rugs I suggest the sphinx designs of http://www.rugsdoneright.com. Just go to the site and search for sphinx. I shop there and I had a lot to choose from.

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID said...

Thanks for the source. I will check it out.

Patricia Gray said...

I love the Clarence House print you used on the Wing Chair. What a lovely room you have created.