Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kitchen Design

We have completed another fabulous kitchen design. The following kitchen represents our update to the classic galley kitchen. French Country influences are found but not overdone.

This kitchen design incorporates wood cabinets and marble countertops. The cabinets are alder wood with a white wash glaze. The glaze is applied to the cabinet but wiped off so the color only adheres to the details in the woodwork. The countertops are French vanilla marble with an ogee edge.

Mexican tile was selected as the floor treatment. The warm terracotta color of the floor helps create this cook's kitchen as well as a comfortable place for family meals. The tumbled marble backsplash helps unify the space by incorporating the terracotta color of the tile and the vanilla color of the marble.

Thanks for viewing another Bridget Beari Design!


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rebecca said...

I really like the country cottage look to your design although it's quite old fashioned it's classic and comforting, it's exactly what i have in mind. I'm based in England and am currently researching for my kitchen redesign. I've just signed the contract for a bespoke kitchen design so am on the look out for some unique or contemporary design features. I have a young family at the moment and we're extending the house to make room for our third child and lucky me i get a new kitchen too. I'm having to live elsewhere though as the building work is at an open house stage and my 9 month old can do without the draft. it'll all be worth it though when the family can enjoy that warm feeling sitting round the table to a sunday lunch!

Aleena said...

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Peter said...

i really love the contrast of rustic and refined, this is a lovely kitchen, i have been looking for bespoke kitchens uk based to finish our kitchen once we have extended our house.

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