Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fresh Look at White Kitchen Cabinets

As a designer I am always looking for a way to bring more interesting and creative ideas to an old standard. White cabinets in a kitchen are classic and clean, but this was an Arts and Crafts early 1900's home. The large meeting rooms in this house were filled with beautiful mahogany wainscotting and moldings, but the kitchen was small. The old wood stained cabinets in the existing kitchen dominated the space and made the room appear tight and crowded. By adding the horizontal mahogany trim piece to the new white flat panel cabinets, I was able to achieve two things: bring a warmth to the white cabinets and a visual break in the vertical height.

The addition of the glass tile, antique hutch, and a custom made iron and limestone island all help to make this design an eclectic mix of modern and classic styles. The results are a crisp and inviting space that complement the other rooms in the house.

I hope you enjoyed another Bridget Beari design!


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Jessie said...

That is really pretty - thank you so much for posting :)

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