Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ready to Shine in 2014!

Everyone is talking about their word for 2014. Well I decided that my word is: 

Everyone at Bridget Beari Designs and Colors has been working so hard at finishing fantastic design projects, getting them ready for photo shoots, 1st round product development coming to an end for paints and wallpapers. After building the brand for these past few years with plenty of down turns, I am finally ready to let it fly. 

I am very proud of all the products and how they represent the Bridget Beari brand. They really "Shine" as unique and creative pieces to the design process. I can't wait until they are all out in the next few months. 

We have definitely been in grind mode for the last few years but the wait has been worth it. The partnerships have been wonderful. I am so grateful for everyone's insight, wisdom and belief in this Bridget Beari Brand from Joe, the do everything guy,  Melissa, Stephanie at Palette, Sarah, DeDe, Beverly,Woody, Jerry, Rick, John, and many more that I may not even know their names. 

I will work hard this year to remember everyday to " Let it Shine!" 

We and the brand deserve the praise! 

The first feat was the completion of all 4 fan decks: Classic, Modern, Exotic and Metallics. There are 196 colors in total. 

New displays at Palette in Richmond and a new location in Charlottesville. The brand is expanding. Easy to work carousels with paint sticks to help you through your paint project. 

Thanks to Joe and Holtz for their hard work! 


 We worked hard on social media blast about the colors and will continue to do so with full force thanks to Melissa! 


Our relationship with Fine Paints of Europe is strong as well as our own Bridget Beari Colors line. The metallics were a hit right out of the gate! 

Our newest collection is the Exotics - Wow what vibrant colors! 

We are always dreaming big at Bridget Beari. Whether it is jobs that get pick up by major magazines or book deals. Things are cooking! There is never any rest and the list is always long. 

 Sometimes I feel like just a smaller player with a single light trying to shine…...

But this year that light is going to multiply …...

So here we go into 2014- full steam ahead. A new look and a new attitude!

Watch out world Bridget Beari is about to,  



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