Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bridget Beari Color Rule #10 - Test a Color in the Room Before You Buy!

Test a Color in the Room Before You Buy! 

As we have talked about before, colors look different in the store and on a chip. It is important to put a large enough samples on different walls in the room to see how the light affects the color and what other colors in the room are interacting with the wall color. 

These days all the paint manufacturers have what they call sample pots. Small pots of paint that cover about a 2' X 2' area. The only problem is the finish - not all finishes come in the sample pots. 

Here are some examples of people's attempt to visualize the color within a space. 

                                                              Painted on paper or board: 

Directly to the wall: 

Side by Side between trim

photo from Benjamin Moore website

Or side by side to select a certain value. 

All Photos from Pinterest

No matter how you do it, it is an important step in the selection process. Even the design professionals do this on every job or at least the good ones do!

Tip: Use nylon brushes for water base paints and natural brushes for oil paints. 

Happy Painting.....

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